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Day 10

Remove permissions from old devices


Yesterday we audited services that can still access our accounts; today, we’ll audit old devices.

When you get a new smartphone, one of the first steps is attaching email, wallets, and social accounts. Services that we add often put the phone on a list of “trusted devices”, which is convenient while we own the device. But when we lose, sell, or replace a device, we rarely remove it from the trusted device list.

If someone happens upon an old phone of yours, you probably don’t want them making purchases under your name. It’s important to notify your accounts as soon as you decommission an old device.


Log on to the dashboard of your commonly used accounts and delete any old devices that you no-longer own or use. While you’re there, you can verify that none of these devices have been accessing your account.

Below are direct links for a few popular services. Try to check all accounts that you authenticated old devices with, even if they’re not listed below.