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Day 2

Install a password manager

Today we’ll install tools onto your computer and/or phone to keep track of your passwords.


Good passwords are hard to come by. A strong password is:

  • long
  • random
  • not reused elsewhere

It would be near impossible to remember our passwords if we upheld each of these points. To improve, we’re going to need help. That’s where password managers come in! They generate secure passwords and store them for us to refer to later.


For most folks, LastPass and LastPass Authenticator are good options. Like anything in this guide, feel free to research alternatives. Once you’ve decided, install the applications and set them up using the passphrase you generated yesterday.

Poke around; tomorrow we’re going to upgrade some of your passwords.


  • If your password manager asks to import old passwords during setup, scan the list. Are there any old accounts that you can close since you’re not using them anymore?