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Day 12

Delete it

Over the past eleven days we’ve scanned a list of your existing accounts, audited your browser extensions and app permissions, and updated old software. By this point, you probably have a good picture of all the services that you’re subscribed to.

The easiest way to ensure a product isn’t encroaching on your privacy is to avoid or disable the product. Most of us subscribe to more digital products than we actually use. By limiting our surface area, we reduce the risk of a security breech. It’s similar to disabling old devices once we’re done with them.


Take stock of all the services that hold information about you. Consider deleting one, or several, of your accounts.

Of the software you use, social media apps are probably the most intrusive. Not only do they store the same data as other apps (location, behavior, ad clicks), but they probably publicize your personal information. If you want to hold on to your data but don’t need it broadcasted, many services allow you to export posts to your hard drive. For example:

When it comes to account deletion, make sure you delete the account itself, not just the app or bookmark. This option is usually available from a settings menu. For example, this is how to delete your Facebook account.

Well, that’s it for Cryptmas 2016. Thanks for joining!

Until next year,
Crypto Santa